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Sunbrella Fabric: An Easy-care Choice for Everyone

When shopping for upholstered furniture, selecting the right fabric is key. Choosing a fabric like silk – which is very delicate – or textured cotton, which tends to trap dirt in the grooves of the fabric, may work in some houses, but it is not typically a good choice for homes with young children or pets. A more durable fabric that is designed to stand up to everyday wear and tear is a much better choice. Luckily, these days a durable fabric doesn’t mean an uncomfortable or visually unappealing one. There are many excellent fabric options available, including Sunbrella. While it may have started out as an industrial-grade awning fabric, Sunbrella has come a long way.

Sunbrella: A Brief History

For decades cotton was the most popular fabric choice for awnings, but since cotton only has dye added to the surface of the fabric, it fades with prolonged sun exposure. Sunbrella was created in the 1960s as an alternative fabric for awnings because while it may look similar to cotton, Sunbrella will not fade in the sun. This is because Sunbrella is made of acrylic fibers with high-performance, UV-stabilized pigments added to the thread itself during production. This makes it colorfast, meaning Sunbrella is less susceptible to becoming discolored or bleached out by direct sunlight. It is also more resistant to fading.

In the 1970s, Sunbrella set sail by becoming a top choice with boaters for boat tops, sail covers and marine upholstery as the fabric is able to stand up to both the sun and the salt spray. The 1980s saw Sunbrella move into the world of outdoor fabric, a natural progression for the company, and it quickly proved to be more popular than the previous leading outdoor furniture fabric – vinyl.

In the early 2000s, a new indoor Sunbrella fabric line was launched with intricate jacquard weaving, innovative yarn constructions and advanced fabric finishes to match the look and feel of fine interior fabrics. Now Sunbrella fabrics are not only visually appealing, but also rugged enough to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use in your home.

Sunbrella for the Home

Today Sunbrella fabric is popular with both consumers and designers for its durability and longevity, and the colors really maintain their brilliance. For a fabric that is so tough when it comes to stains and wear, it still looks like a high-quality fabric. At the Furniture Superstore we carry a wide variety of Sunbrella colors and styles, from plain to stripes and other patterns that can add visual appeal to any room in the home.

The biggest draw for many families is the easy cleanability of Sunbrella, which is second to none. Stains can be cleaned with ease, and bleach can be applied without ruining the fabric. You can literally spill red wine, ketchup, chocolate sauce or berry juice on Sunbrella, then simply clean it and it will look like it never happened. Don’t believe us? Check out the tale of Sunbrella vs. The Kids and come on in to the Furniture Superstore to check out all of the Sunbrella options.

Perspective New England: Beach House Episode 5 from Sunbrella on Vimeo.