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TV Console

TV consoles are one of the easiest ways to reduce clutter and streamline the look of a living room, family room or den. They make it easy to display your television while also keeping all of your electronic devices neatly organized, and with cords tucked out of sight.

There are many styles and options to choose from, from full media units to small stands designed to fit in a corner. When shopping for a new TV console there are several things you should keep in mind:

Size: Before you begin your search you will want to know the dimensions of your television. Be sure to measure the height, width and depth. Keep in mind that older CRT or “tube” televisions require fairly large TV consoles to accommodate their boxy size – particularly their larger depth dimensions. Flat screen TVs by comparison have very thin screens so do not have much depth, but are wider than a typical “tube” television.

You will want to select a stand that can comfortably fit your TV and does not cause it to extend over the sides. Ideally, you want to allow some extra room on each side, which will provide greater stability for your TV. Another thing to consider is if you will want additional room for items such as speakers, framed photos, or other decorative objects.

Height: There is no ideal height for a TV console. Television height really is a matter of personal preference, combined with the type of seating in the room where you will be watching TV. If you’re not sure which height is best for you, a good guideline is to purchase a TV stand that will place the TV so that the lower half of the screen is level to your sightline.

Shelving: There are many different options when it comes to shelving on a TV console, so the best choice for you depends on how many items you will want to store in your console. If you simply have a Blu-ray player and a cable box/DVR, two shelves will be sufficient. However, if you also want room for items such as a video game console, stereo system, records, DVDs, CDs, etc., you will definitely want to look at larger consoles with more shelving options. If possible, select a model with adjustable shelving so you can configure it to arrange your audio-video components and media library to your liking.

The Furniture Superstore has a wide variety of TV stands to choose from in both our Lisbon and Portland locations. Our helpful staff of sales professionals will be happy to assist you in selecting the right console to fit both your television and your home décor.

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