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When shopping for upholstered furniture, selecting the right fabric is key. Choosing a fabric like silk – which is very delicate – or textured cotton, which tends to trap dirt in the grooves of the fabric, may work in some houses, but it is not typically a good choice for homes with young children or pets. A more durable fabric that is designed to stand up to everyday wear and tear is a much better choice. Luckily, these days a durable fabric doesn’t mean an uncomfortable or visually unappealing one. There are many excellent fabric options available, including Sunbrella. While it may have started out as an industrial-grade awning fabric, Sunbrella has come a long way. → Read more

No doubt you’ve heard that old chestnut, “You get what you pay for,” time and time again. Well you can rest assured that when it comes to furniture, particularly a piece that gets as much use as a sofa, hunting down what seems like a bargain may make you happy in the short term, but will most likely leave you frustrated over time.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when shopping for a sofa is trying to buy what they think they can afford, or view a potential purchase from the perspective of, “Well, this is going to go into a room that gets ‘beat up’ by my children or pets, so I should buy a piece that is inexpensive and of a lesser quality.” That is exactly the opposite of what they should do. People should be thinking, “I want to buy an item of premium quality so it doesn’t deteriorate or show wear as quickly.” Bottom line – better quality furniture will last longer. → Read more